What peptides do for your skin

What peptides do for your skin

Before we have known about what peptides do for your skin, we need to know what lies in peptides. The amino acid named peptide creates the blocks of certain proteins required by the skin such as collagen, elastin. The skin experts recommend applying serum or moisturizer based on a peptide that can give firmer, younger-looking skin.

How peptides work in our skin:

When we talk about skincare, it can be said that all types of peptides in skincare are not equally effective. Carrier peptides help improve collagen, enzyme inhibitor peptides slowly work in breaking down collagen. Signal peptides give alerts to different portions of the skin to promote collagen, various proteins, and elastin. Neurotransmitter peptides impede the release of chemicals which is the reason for muscle contraction of expression lines. Thus, it helps in smoothing wrinkles.

types of peptides

Definition of polypeptides:

Before understanding how polypeptides serum works for skin, we need to know what polypeptides are. These small chemical compounds consist of short-chain amino acids, which are the creator of blocks of proteins. This peptide directs the cell to generate more collagen that is one of the crucial building blocks of skin. So using it directly on the skin, our body tells us that we need more collagen. Peptides can be found in serum, masks, and moisturizers. Now it is time to discuss the benefits of polypeptides for the skin.

Benefits of polypeptides for skin:

  • When it is applied to the skin, it can improve the skin barrier.
  • When people age, the production of collagen decreases. That ultimately becomes the cause of dehydration. When peptides boost up collagen production, hydration is also boosted.
  • Since peptide is full of antioxidants, it can relieve our skin from inflammation.
  • Carrier peptides can repair damaged skin.

Here we give a list of the best products with polypeptide which are highly recommended by skin experts. The products are Olay Regenerist whip facial moisturizer, hydro peptide facelift advanced Ultra-light moisturizer, Drunk elephant Protini polypeptide cream. The dermatologists advise that one can apply polypeptide on skin two times a week safely. How many times one can use it depends on the type of skin. So, it will be best for the user to consult with a skin expert before using it.

Side effects of polypeptides:

There are several side effects of using polypeptides. These are dry mouth, hunger increase, gain or loss of weight, high blood pressure, fertility decline, and many others.


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