Different shades of blonde hair color

Different shades of blonde hair color

None can deny that blonde hair color gives an amazing look. For this reason, many women like to do this hair color. Here we are going to discuss several blonde hair color ideas that can suit anyone.

The blonde color ideas:

Vanilla chai:

If you want to try a new look, it can be a good choice for you. You can imagine a warm cup of chai tea and think about it as a hair color. It consists of deep roots that change over to a white, cool blonde color.

Sandy blonde hair:

One can try this blonde color in spring. The rich, cool warm hue brings an amazing look.

Cream soda:

Another drink-inspired color has come up with amazing blonde highlights. It is a nice combination of brunette and blonde tones.

Cherry blonde:

Noon can deny that this blonde color idea brings a stunning look. It is suggested that instead of trying at home, one should go to a professional for dyeing hair.

Mushroom blonde:

Most people do not know anything about this color. It is a nice combination of ashy brown and blonde colors.

golden blonde hair color


How to choose the best blonde hair color:

Different shades of blonde hair color can be applied to different women based on skin tone. For example, the creamy blonde color is suitable for light, medium, neutral skin complexions. The butter blonde hair color suits light medium and neutral skin colored people. Rich golden blonde hair color is one of the best options for light, medium skin colored people.

Many professionals suggest the women follow the blonde hair color chart for picking up their favorite one. The professionals suggest choosing some popular shades such as pearl blonde hair color, beige blonde hair color, blonde hair color, and many more.


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