Causes of hair loss in women

Causes of hair loss in women

Hair enhances the beauty of a woman. It can be said that hair is the crowning glory. Many women desire a head full of hair. But nowadays it is seen that many women even from a younger age are suffering from hair loss. There are various causes of hair loss in women. Now we are going to discuss them briefly.

The reasons behind hair loss:

  • Emotional stress is one of the biggest reasons for hair loss. Besides emotional stress, physical stress is equally responsible for hair loss. One can do yoga, meditation regularly to fight hair loss.

fight hair loss

  • People who have a deficiency in protein can face hair loss problems. If one can not consume a sufficient amount of protein, there is a high chance of breaking down protein in the body. Ultimately it depletes the protein which is an important factor for hair growth and stops keratin inside the hair.
  • Sometimes heredity is solely responsible for the problem of hair loss.
  • Sudden weight loss can be a reason for hair loss. Because when someone tries to lose weight in an unplanned way, they can reduce their diet. As a result, their hair fall problem is increased for lack of proper diet.

  • Lack of iron can be a reason for the problem of hair loss. Those who have PCOS, PCOD, or thyroid can face hair loss problems.
  • Alopecia in women is a common problem among one-third of women in the world. The main nature of hair loss in women is similar to men. Now it is time to discuss female pattern hair loss. Most women develop this type of hair loss. Most of the women start to notice after menopause when hair loss excessively increases. Hair transplant is one of the ways to treat female pattern hair loss.


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